April 24, 2017

Case Types

The State Bar Court adjudicates a variety of different proceedings. Most of the cases are initiated by the Office of Chief Trial Counsel of the State Bar of California. A brief description of the various case types along with the initiating party is listed below.

AE Fee Arbitration Enforcement Fee Arbitration Program
C Conviction Referral State Bar Court
G Legal Service Trust Fund Applicant
H Rule 1-110 Violation Trial Counsel
J Discipline in Other Jurisdiction Trial Counsel
L Law Corporations Applicant
M Moral Character Applicant
N Rule 9.20 Trial Counsel
O Original Discipline Trial Counsel
P Probation Revocation Trial Counsel
PM Probation Revocation - Motion Office of Probation
Q Resignation with Charges Pending Member
R Reinstatement Petitioner
S Legal Specialization Applicant
TB Inactive Enrollment §6007(b)(1) Trial Counsel, Member, Court
TE Inactive Enrollment §6007(c) Trial Counsel
TH Inactive Enrollment §6007(h) Trial Counsel or Petitioner
TR Inactive Enrollment §6007(b)(2) Trial Counsel
TT Inactive Enrollment §6007(b)(3) Trial Counsel, Petitioner, Court
V Standard 1.2(c)(1) Petitioner
ZA Return from Fee Arbitration Enforcement Petitioner
ZB Return from §6007(b)(1) Inactive (Insanity Defense) Petitioner
ZE Return from §6007(c) Inactive (Imminent Harm) Petitioner
ZH Return from Inactive Enrollment §6007(h) Trial Counsel or Petitioner
ZR Return from §6007(b)(2) Inactive (Court Jurisdiction of Law Practice) Petitioner
ZT Return from §6007(b)(3) Inactive (Mental Illness/Substance Abuse) Petitioner